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I AM the Reality replaced by the Illustration Heb 8:1 – 9:10

No more Religion and Facade. I love the verse below that says “for they will all know me…”  This is because a time is coming where we shall see him face to face.  Then there will be no need for … Continue reading

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I AM the God who cares so much I opened heaven. Heb 4:14- 5:9

I AM not like any other religion Every religion seems to have priests, prophets and clergymen who claim to have the answers to life’s problems.  I guess the thing I like most about Jesus Christ is that He was not … Continue reading

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I AM the God of all strength, 2 Tim 4:9-18

To Christian workers around the globe, this is for you.  I know what it is like to be hard at the Lord’s work with so much to accomplish and yet so few who want to help.   So here are two … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God who is perfecting you for a reason. Phil 1:1-11

Oh, how God desires that we know and trust him.  Ps 77 and 78 are beautiful psalms that tells how we need to remember Him when things are going tough so that we might not turn back in the day … Continue reading

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