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I AM the God who is coming again 2 Peter 3

Are you looking forward to his coming or dreading it? We are the same in a sense as the Old Testament saints in regard to waiting for God’s coming.  The Children of Israel waited for the first coming of the … Continue reading

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I AM the All Knowing God, Wisdom is my Essence. James 3:13-18

“The wisdom of the Lord is foolishness to the world.”  “But the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.”  Putting others first, denying self, laying your life down for your friend, giving to others in need without … Continue reading

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I AM the God of all Mercy; Titus 3:1-11

It is sad that the world holds against Christ the fact that the church is full of sinful people. Hypocrites they call us.  Unfortunately it is true on both accounts and God will hold us accountable for it too.  But … Continue reading

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Religiosity obscures our sinfulness 1 Tim 1:12-20

Paul, who was a Jewish Pharisee and persecutor of the church, says here that he acted in ignorance and unbelief.  He is saying that when he was in his religiosity and in his religiosity he was ignorant of the fact … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God who refines your faith with fire. 2 Thess 1

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, there was one older soldier who fearlessly fought the enemy while standing above the foxhole of another younger soldier paralyzed by fear.  The first soldier told the second that you need to think of … Continue reading

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