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I AM the God of Integrity 2 Cor 8:16 – 9:5

God’s people are to be accountable to each other Integrity, accountability, transparency and honesty are paramount for God’s workmen. These qualities prove the message of the Gospel to be true. Our Christian witness in the eyes of unbelievers is a … Continue reading

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I AM the God of Truth and Love in trials. 2 Cor 6:3-13

Why do I need the Gospel? Continued In a sinful world of self promotion, every human is driven by their sin nature. Religion tries to curb it by imposed rules of righteousness but only have inadequate human power to do … Continue reading

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I AM the God who sees past religion to man’s heart Rom 2:17- 29

Religion – Men making themselves acceptable to a deity In Chapter 1 God showed the natural sinfulness of men. In Chapter 2 God shows us that no person is better than anyone else regarding any human standard.  This week let … Continue reading

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I AM the God of Integrity and Genuineness James 1:19-27

I have a tendency to rag on the hypocrisy of religion a lot and today’s post will do some more, but I will do so with fear and trembling because we all have tendencies to be hypocrites to one degree … Continue reading

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I AM blameless, upright, righteous; I want you to be like me Titus 1:5-16

I have said it before and I will say it again, the leadersof a group of people; whether a church, city, state or country come from within that group of people.  If that group of people is righteous or wicked, … Continue reading

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I AM the God who gives Eternal glory freely, 2 Tim 2:1-13

Here is an offer too good NOT to be true.  God the maker of heaven and earth is offering you ETERNAL GLORY in His Son Jesus.  Satan tempted humanity with the same goal that he had for himself, that of, … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God of integrity 1 Thess 2:2-16

As fire separates the dross from the silver, and the wind blows the chaff from the wheat. Trials separate the false from the true believers.  When Christ genuinely fills an individual rather than just a religious veneer; come hell or … Continue reading

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