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I AM the God who won the victory for you 1 Cor 15:35- 58

He won so that we might win too Why do we ride on roller coasters? It is because we love the thrill of the ride coupled with the confidence it won’t come off the track. If it was up to … Continue reading

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I AM faithful and keep my promises to rescue you. Rom 8:18- 27

Sufferings allow for future glory In the western church some wrongly teach that prosperity is the Christian’s “divine right” and that suffering is because of our “lack of faith”, and/or satanic opposition (Granted, if the governments of the world followed … Continue reading

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I AM the great Promise Keeper Titus 1:1-4

Paul is saying that God gave him the very words of his letters to give to us.  These words are worthy of our belief and they are worthy of our studying them so we can have confidence in God’s promises … Continue reading

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I AM the chief Shepherd, I have appointed you as my under-shepherds 2 Tim 4:19-22

As a missionary in a foreign land, we are concerned for the spiritual and emotional health of our coworkers because when they get discouraged, they leave the Lord’s work.  When they leave, the burden increases on us to the point … Continue reading

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I AM your Father, Savior, Lord and hope. 1 Tim 1:1-3

Why is it that when we walk down the street we try to avoid eye contact with others? Greetings can lift our spirits to know that others see us, acknowledge our being –that we are not invisible.  Greetings can turn … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God who refines your faith with fire. 2 Thess 1

In the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, there was one older soldier who fearlessly fought the enemy while standing above the foxhole of another younger soldier paralyzed by fear.  The first soldier told the second that you need to think of … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God of all comfort and encouragment Col 4:7-18

Every greeting card company impress upon us that greetings are extremely important to our emotional lives.  Write something personal inside of that card, and it means all the more.  Staying connected with loved ones at home help missionaries feel secure.  … Continue reading

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