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I AM the Continual Present Tense God

Life in the moment. Have you ever been involved in a conversation only to look at a clock to realize that hours have slipped away? It is a sense of timelessness in a moment that you do not want to … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the returning King – I will “save the planet” 2 Thess 2:2-12

This world seems to be racing into chaos again, degenerating at a rapid pace because of lawlessness.  But hold on tight because LIKE IT OR NOT, JESUS WILL RETURN!  This passage talks of this lawlessness and the man of lawlessness … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God who made the invisible realms of creation too. Col 1:15 -23

Historically, we humans have prided ourselves in the discovery of the invisible principles which govern our world and universe.   But rather than marvel in the wisdom of the one who invented them – God, we use them to declare that … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God of Marriage, there is a reason that I hate divorce. Eph 5:21-33

Just think – God made Eve to be the one from which not only the earth would be populated, and not only from which heaven would be populated, but from which God himself would create a divine bride (The Church) … Continue reading

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Christianity is Humanly Impossible “to do” by God’s design

Christianity is designed by God to be too hard for any human “to just do”. The title seems a bit odd to think about.  But this topic is what separates Christian believers from all the religions of the world.  The … Continue reading

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