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I AM the God who created Authority. 1 Tim 6:1,2

In following the theme of respecting our elderly, we can continue respecting those who have positions of authority over us such as employers.  You can deduce from this passage that your employer, whether you feel like a slave or not, … Continue reading

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I AM the God who invented work as a good thing 2 Thess 3:6-15

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Who are you Lord? I AM the God who desires to love others through you. Col 3:18-4:1

How would God (who is in you) treat your wife, your husband, kids, parents, bosses, or employees?  And conversely, how would you treat God (who is in them)?  We need to realize that we are treating Christ with our attitudes … Continue reading

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Who are you Lord? I AM Consistent, you can trust me. Eph 6:1-9

In this world where many people live by whatever standard is right in their own eyes, where truth is relative, we can see how the idea of Authority and child discipline are words that leave a sour taste in their … Continue reading

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