I AM the God who is Victorious Rom 16:17- 27

God’s Power and Righteousness in the Gospel

Paul starts out this book proclaiming the only way to receive God’s Righteousness which is

The gates of hell.  Caesarea Philippi

The gates of hell will not prevail. Caesarea Philippi

His power manifested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the savior/ Messiah. It doesn’t matter whether you are Jew or Gentile, all who believe in Paul’s testimony as revealed in the Bible will never be put to shame before God’s throne because they have been given God’s righteousness by grace and received it by faith. So now Paul ends this glorious book with the same words in verse 25 as he laid out in Ch 1. What used to be a mystery throughout the Old Testament times, God has now revealed to us through Paul and the other Apostles. This mystery of God is to reveal his glory to the world through His Church and is explained in his book to the Ephesians (see Eph 3:10 particularly), it is no longer through the Jewish people or the nation of Israel during this 2000 year temporary age as it had been in the 2000 years from Abraham to Christ.   Without understanding this Gospel thoroughly, you will be confused by Satan and his workers by all kinds of controversial doctrines which keep countless millions of people from receiving a free salvation.  This is why Paul said “I would know nothing of you except Christ and him crucified”.

Final Greetings

Use this link for the NIV Rom 16:17-27 Highlight verses 17, 18, 20, 25 and 26 especially.

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our signature question below in the following way…

Who Are You Lord?

I AM the Victorious God who will put an end to all evil, hardships and suffering. I will do away with the Devil. I have already removed his authority over you, but one day soon I will remove his presence as well. In the meantime, his goal is to use any circumstance to get you to curse me to my face and to ultimately separate you from me forever. In reality he provides you with the opportunity through various temptations to trust and live by your own resources rather than mine. Without him offering you his alternative life style choices, your free will and faith would be meaningless. Without his trials, there would be no need for your steadfastness and endurance. Without his hardships there would be no need for me to give you the victors crown after you have persevered. One day I will do away with him and I will right all the wrongs in this world and reward all the righteous for their faith.

In the meantime, I AM the God of Grace so that you can cope with this difficult life. My grace is sufficient for you each day which I will give you fresh. My mercies are new every morning to help you through your sufferings. In my grace to you, I wrote down my thoughts through the prophets because I want the whole world to know me and my grace by reading my words in the Bible. Without them comforting your minds, you have no resource to withstand the Devil’s intimidation. It is a battle for your minds after all, because faith comes as your mind is settled on my Word and my Word is based on my unchangeable faithfulness.

I AM the God who is able to establish you in Christ so that we are not divided or tricked or captured by Satan’s craftiness. The truth of My Gospel which Paul so earnestly proclaimed and defended is the power and righteousness of God for your salvation as well as your perfection in Christ. There is nothing for you to do but receive by faith, reckon by faith, and walk in by faith. This is why the Devil does not want you to know my Word. If you are not established in my Word, you will be susceptible to his craftiness to lead you into a system of performance and not by my rest “take my yoke upon you and learn of me and you will find rest for your souls”.

Satan’s game plan –destroy your trust in God’s Word

No wonder Satan wants to destroy the spreading of the knowledge of the Gospel. He will do whatever he can to keep people from knowing God. Look how important Gods word is… It is what created the world. ‎It is the sword of the spirit, it is what he used to defeat Satan in the temptations and it is what comes from Jesus’ mouth when He returns to vanquish his enemies. To know his word is to know God. To know his faithfulness to us in all that he has done for us and his promises of what he will do throughout our lives until he comes again is what keeps us strong. If I was God’s enemy, I would not make an affront on Christianity physically, but rather covertly by destroying their knowledge and faith in God’s promises and destroy their assurance of what God has done through history. Then I would provide alternative explanations about everything; of origins, Divinity of his Son, definitions of morality in society, the apocalypse and his imminent return and the means of acceptance to God.

So Paul warns you as he did the believers of Rome to watch out, keep away from, and not to be naïve about any doctrine that focuses on our abilities, our responsibility or our works to make God happy with us or how to earn his favor. Even within Christianity as a whole, there are so many “works based” churches and religions out there to trip you up. Read the Bible at face value with plain interpretation of its words and the truth of God will set you free. God’s Power and Righteousness are given to you freely in the Gospel. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

That is all for Romans,



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