I AM the God who uses you to reach the world. Rom 15:23-33

The job of World Evangelism is bigger than just one man

Paul desired that the believers at Rome would join with him to take the Gospel to Rome. It takes a large team effort to do the work of World Evangelism, and nobody should feel so small that they are not needed or that the job can get done without them see vs 30. I could get discouraged that my small part of the ministry in reaching the tribal people of P.N.G. is insignificant, but without me here faithfully doing my job, it would cost the missionaries a lot of time and money to have to leave their various locations to come to the Capitol to do the things that my wife and I do for them. You can continue this thought one level higher, without our home supporters providing and praying specifically for us, we would not be able to be here at all. Do not feel unimportant in your contributions and prayers, rather revel in them that God is using you to spread his Gospel; and look for more ways to invest your time, money and prayer to help more. Remember that the goal is to see people around the globe praising God because of what He does through you (see 2 Cor 9: 12, 13). And your continued growth in obedience to God’s will in this world. 

Paul’s Plan to Visit Rome

Use this link for the NIV Rom 15:23 – 33 Highlight vs 33, 28, 30, 32

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our signature question below in the following way…

Who are you Lord?

I AM the God who knows the plans I have for you. My ways are above your ways. It is good to have a vision. It gives you direction and keeps your hands busy about my work. Please leave room for my sovereignty though to direct you and arrange the timing. If you make plans without consulting me, you can set yourself up for disappointment. Remember that this work is about my church and my working through you. Don’t get ahead of me. Have your goals and vision but make sure you leave room for my direction and timing. Let me lead you and you will succeed; run off on your own, and it will avail you nothing of eternal value.

I AM the God of circumstances. Many of the circumstances of your life are from my leading and allowing things to happen to direct you into which path to take. You ask what my will for your life is; often it is directed by turns of events and changes of plans because of circumstances. But seek my peace in them or you could become discouraged by those same circumstances. I led Paul to Troas by closing doors to go to Asia and Bithynian so that he could hear my calling to go to Macedonia. However, it was a lack of my peace in his heart that he decided not to stay in Troas. Don’t get worked up over circumstances, look for my peace in them. Look to my leading through them.

I AM the God who works through your prayers. How bad do you want me to do the miraculous for you? How much are my goals and desires yours goals and desires? How interested are you in the things I am interested in? How concerned are you for those whom I want to hear the message of salvation? How much do you want to be a part of my work? Then pray so that I might use you to be a part of my working in this world for my glory. When you are concerned enough for my work so that you pray for laborers to enter my fields, don’t be surprised if I choose you to go. Don’t pray; “Here I am Lord, send someone else”.

Tribal churches cannot be planted without the home church

Let me tell you about the time when one of our aircraft mechanic’s home pastors came out to PNG to visit. Our mechanic took the pastor to the tribe to see firsthand how the work of starting a church was going which we support with our aviation program.  As the plane landed on the small jungle airstrip, taxied up to the village grass huts and as the pastor got out of the plane, the tribal believers all started to applaud.  The missionaries of this particular tribe had never seen this kind of greeting of visitors before so they asked the tribal elders why they were applauding.  The chief told the missionary that they realized “without this pastor and his church supporting the mechanic and the planes, you (the tribal missionary) would not be able to live in the tribe with us and bring the message of eternal life to us.”  These tribal believers figured out on their own (and appreciated) the connection that tribal church planting is started and supported by the prayers and financial giving from the home church.

Missions is like a football team

Just as it is highly impractical for just a quarterback to score a touchdown by himself against an entire defensive line, so too, is it to expect one person to travel the globe by himself to successfully reach a tribe with the Gospel.  He needs a team, an offensive line so to speak, to effectively and quickly get a tribal church established to the point it can carry on by itself.  Thus each particular job responsibility within a mission organization, every support missionary is working together to keep the tribal missionaries at their posts in the jungles so they can be at the work of evangelism in the heart language of the people they work with.  It takes electricians, builders, plumbers, accountants, doctors, nurses, teachers, principles, mechanics, hostesses, administrators, servants, givers, pastors, youth workers, and especially prayer partners to move the hand of God to reach the hidden tribes around the globe. The Job of World evangelism is bigger than just one man. It takes a team to reach the last tribes. Lift up your eyes to the harvest and pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the fields.

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