I AM the God who is the King of Kings Rom 13:1-7

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing”

In these days of scandals in government, shutdowns and failing governments around the

Jesus is coming through these doors one day.

Jesus is coming through these doors one day.

world, the general populace, is in dismay that our leaders are so hindered by corruption. It doesn’t matter which party they represent, the underlying problem in government is the people themselves who make up the ruling parties are corrupt because they are elected or appointed from a corrupt source, namely the populace. The above heading would better be said; “Evil prevails because there are none righteous, no not one from which to choose righteous men to rule” You have heard the saying, “Ultimate power corrupts ultimately”. This is true because our politicians, who are sinful humans too, happen to have the power and wealth to circumvent justice. The group that has the most power gets to write the new truth for that society.

So why does the Bible call those in office his ministers? Why are we to submit to their authority even though they are corrupt? It doesn’t seem fair or make sense. The institution of human government was instituted by God. However, the people are a product of fallen and sinful humanity. The only way to change the government for the better is to change society for the better. Once godly people (not religious) are the majority in society, then they can elect the government that represents their godly standards, not unlike how Islam becomes the majority of the populace and then changes the government (but hopefully in a more peaceable fashion). Only then will those in government rule as God directs the individuals in their perspective parties. Isn’t our government’s motto a government “By the people, of the people and for the people”? Need I say more? Only when the righteous people of a nation heed Kennedy’s challenge to “Ask rather what you can do for your country”, will we see people in the government become agents of change in society toward righteousness in the world, and not change the world to accomplish their personal agendas. When special interest lobby groups stop corrupting the politician decisions, they might have the fortitude to vote according to their constituent’s direction.  You can guess when that will happen.

Submission to the Authorities

Romans 13:1-7  Use this link for the NIV or your favorite version. Highlight verses 1b, 4, 6

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our signature question below in the following way…

Who Are You Lord?

I AM the God who is the Ultimate Authority. I sit on the throne of heaven. I AM the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I alone am the one answerable to for all your actions in this life. All authority and absolutes in the universe exist because I have created them and placed them there for a purpose (Col 1:16). The concepts of authority, power, truth, infinity, eternity, perfection, holiness, knowledge, love, as well as the laws of nature exist to reflect who I AM and what I am like in perfection. If you fear human authority because you may be held accountable to it when you break its rules, then you should absolutely fear my perfect holiness because you will definitely give account to me for how you lived your life. Even your conscience bears witness against you because I can see your thoughts and the intents of your heart. You can lie to others and even to yourself, but your conscience will sell you out to me. This is why you choose to buy into Satan’s alternative explanations found in religions, philosophies and evolution; in order to try to deny my existence and ease your conscience, but to no avail.

I AM the God of peace. I establish government to bring peace to the populace. I establish government to meet the needs of the people they govern. Without government, there will be anarchy. Without government there will be the inability for people to cooperate in managing this world properly as I mandated to Adam in the Beginning. Without laws the strong will dominate the weak who have no recourse to protect themselves. Governing officials are my ministers for justice, to protect and serve and to bring judgment on evil doers. This is why I tell you to pray for your leaders. When your leaders are corrupt and do wrong, then they will be held accountable to a higher degree. If you live a life of love, honoring others, you will need not fear the punishment from the laws of the land because perfect love casts out fear of punishment. When government outlaws Christianity, still you need not fear. Honor me in life, and I will honor you in your death.

Christianity thrives under any form of government

Remember that the whole of the New Testament was written under the wicked rule of the Emperor of Rome. Nero had some of the Apostles killed and yet Paul still tells us to submit. Our western governments are nowhere near that bad. The problem is not with authority, the problem is with the people in authority individually. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about Islamic, Communism, or Capitalistic in nature; those with the power dominate those under them for their personal gain even on a national level. That does not give excuse to the people to be unruly.

True believers are to live their lives as God desires to a higher standard regardless of the kind of government that is ruling. Daniel prayed regardless of the king’s edict. The Apostles were killed and banished for doing well and for spreading the Gospel. Christians around the globe are killed daily for their faith by their various governments and religious institutions. There are more martyrs for Christ today than all other time in history combined. The difference is that Christians serve a higher authority to their own peril. The good news is that hope is not gone. Like what happened in Rome, when enough people become believers, governments can and do change for the good. Constantine put an end to the persecution and made Rome a “Christian” state. (We won’t get into the debate whether he was a Christian or not and what happened after that in the “state church” and the corruption of “Christianity”). The point is that True Christianity lives and functions under any rule of Government (i.e. look at the church in China) even though it may be persecuted by evil people in government.

Jesus will “Legislate Righteousness” one day

Authority can be found to various degrees all around us, not only in governments. We have authority in schools, in our work places, in the military, in our social clubs, and even in nature we see alpha males and females. Those with the power gain more; those with less are kept in subjection. Without authority and government there would be chaos and anarchy where everyone would be their own boss and he who is the strongest takes advantage of everyone how they please until someone stronger steps up to stop him. In our world today there are gangs and “war lords” in countries who dominate people where the governments fail to provide protection for their people. The reason this happens is because Adam decided to step out from under God’s authority to become his own god.

From Adam onward, man has always tried to step out from under God’s authority to be his own “god”. The Jews of the Prophet Samuel’s day asked for a human king because they did not want God to rule them anymore. Then before Pilate they again said “We have no king but Caesar.” As men become more and more anti God in their governing, one day it will culminate in the old Devil being given his time to rule this world through the “Man of Lawlessness” or “Anti Christ” who will come on the scene empowered by the devil and he will rule the nations bringing that elusive peace in the Middle East for 3.5 years.  However, then he will set up his throne in the Temple and demand that all men bow to him for another 3.5 years. Fortunately, Jesus Christ will come again from on high (like the Jews were expecting him to do the first time he came to earth) and will defeat the devil set up his kingdom in Jerusalem, rule with an iron scepter of righteousness and set things right on Earth. This is foretold in many passages but none better than the dream of Nebuchadnezzar of the statue made of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and iron and clay. The rock, being Christ (not made by hands), destroys the statue depicting the various human governments of history. When He comes back to rule, all humanity will be held accountable to him. All humanity will bow the knee and pay homage to the Son, and He will rule this world for a thousand years with an iron scepter of righteousness where he will legislate righteousness on Earth for a thousand years and all will obey him; and then the end will come and his righteous ones will live happily forever after.

Remember, we in democracy have a government “Of the people, by the people and for the people”.   So you cannot expect more righteousness from your government than you do from yourself or your neighbor.  As goes the people, so goes the government.  If the government is unrighteous…“Then the shoe must therefore fit”.

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