I AM the God who Speaks to you through Creation, My Word and through My Son. Heb 1:1-3

Religion, everyone wants one so everyone makes one up.

Why is it that religions around the world tell you that you have to wait until you die before

Gutenberg Bible

you will know what your eternal state will be?  That you have to be good enough in this life (or the opposite – to strap on a bomb in Jihad) to get into paradise/ heaven/ nirvana/ or a better state in the next life.  POPPYCOCK, this is all based on human reasoning of needing to earn our place.  Religion is nothing more than man projecting a greater version of themselves onto their deity.  They create doctrine based on their own feeling of what their god should be like, even within the Christian Church – thus you have so many sects.  But barring the differences, we must not lose sight of the central message of the Bible. 

Yaweh – Jesus, who is the God of heaven and who is our Creator and redeemer, not only claims that he is the only way to heaven, he promised us in writing (in the Judeo-Christian Bible) that we can know of our eternal state in the here and now, once and for all!  How can he make such promises?  We can have eternal life because it was he who took our punishment on Calvary’s cross in our stead.  So he has the authority to offer it to whomever he will.  Is that not good news?!  Why would he want to make it difficult for us, his special creation?  Jesus paid the entire price of salvation so it could be FREE to those who want it.

Hebrews 1:1  

In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, 2 but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe. 3 The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.

Who are you Lord?

I AM the creator and redeemer of the entire universe

I made you and I take care of you because I love you and know that you need me.  But I don’t want you to think that I am some impersonal force or entity out there somewhere.  No.  I made you to fellowship with me intimately – daily, like I did with Adam in the Garden.  Since then, I have been trying to get your attention to be able to speak to you.  I spoke through men- my prophets in Israel.  But beware, the enemy has his prophets as well, to confuse you and draw you away from me – the source of your life. 

I AM the God who communicates with Man

I spoke to you through my creation, my word, and so finally I came personally to be with you in the person of my Son – Jesus Christ.  But you would have none of me – just like Adam, who chose to die rather than to live with me.  So too, I chose to die to give you life with me again.   I took you’re your punishment upon myself.  Whoever would admit that they are guilty of their sinful state in Adam, that they need me, and would receive my grace and forgiveness; I will place my Spirit in you so that you and I can communicate and be together forever.  I don’t want any to perish but all to come to repentance.  This is why I made you in the first place – to live with me forever in intimate communion and fellowship.  Not for you to try to appease me by some ritualistic, self promoting or self degrading, system of man centered religion as if I need your worship.   The fact is – I don’t need you but I want you.  The problem is – you need me but you don’t want me. The solution is – those who realize that they need and thus want me will find me because I am leading them to myself. 

God is our Creator and redeemer.  The two go hand in hand

You can’t have one without the other.  We owe God our very lives and he will take them back again.  What we do with them in the mean time is what we will be held accountable for.  This is what people don’t like to hear and thus create alternative theories of origin to ease their consciences.  But even their consciences know better.  It is not about you!  It’s not about any merit that you think you have.    It’s no wonder why religions have, and still do, persecute genuine believers around the globe over these last two millennia.  God challenges our human religious philosophies through Christianity and Satan hates it.  Christ brought a message of self denial, humility, reliance upon His finished work on the cross and living by the Holy Spirit’s power.  Not of pomp, traditions, rituals, good deeds, the reciting of prayers and creeds or anything else which smacks of a wisdom or source from within.

What are we waiting for?

We have a God who created us to be with him forever, died to cure our sin problem, has told us all about it in his word, and is patiently waiting for our response.  It is like he is standing at the stadium gates handing out super bowl tickets because he wants everyone to enter.  You just have to realize that you can’t buy or earn your way in and take them.

I challenge you to think about the options:

If the Bible is wrong, and the scientists are right about the origins of this life being all that there is – without anything to worry about afterwards; what have you to lose in living a Christian life except maybe missing out on 70 years of partying and the consequences of it?  I have found the Christian life to be one of joy, contentment and meaning by living for the good of others.  However, if the evolutionary scientists are wrong in their theories about origins, and the Bible is right…  This life is all the time you have to turn from your self-worship and receive the gift of his Son.  If you don’t; the Creator, who underwent torture, death and hell for you, just for you to throw back in his face, will refuse you before his throne in judgment to spend eternity in a place where his Son does not shine; where scripture calls it “outer darkness”, “where the worm dies not”, “in unquenchable fire”, in absolute solitude, a place “prepared for the devil” – not for you.  The choice is only yours; not your parents’, not your priest’s and certainly not the media’s.  The stakes are eternally high.  To believe will cost you everything in this life – possibly even your family, your social standing or maybe your life, as you become Satan’s enemy.  But what will you place your confidence in – God’s eternal Word, or human reasoning?  (See my post https://whoareyoulord.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/why-do-the-intellegent-refuse-the-idea-of-gods-word-as-ultimate-truth/ ).

More to come,



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5 Responses to I AM the God who Speaks to you through Creation, My Word and through My Son. Heb 1:1-3

  1. chicagoja says:

    I thought that, in particular, the beginning of your post was very well said. Since most religions have a holy book which they refer to as the Word of God, I’m curious why you decided on this one.

    • strostrud says:

      Look at the commonality of the religions of the world as to their root source or strength by which they strive in their dedication to please their god. Emphasis on the commonality. From Mormonism through most of the “religions of the west” to living right and doing good for better placement for the next life in the east. Most books say to do your very best so that you can try to attain some sort of better after life. Most religions are based on our human sense of justice, fair play and desire for mutual happiness extended to one another; all of which are God given traits found in his own entity and placed in us by him. However, The Bible sheds light on the fact that we are the way we are (not basically good) because of our fallen nature and because of that fact we in no way can earn our way to appease, let alone please the God who created us. He made us in perfection, not through some random process as some would religiously believe to remove God out of the equation, but that we chose to forsake God by the very choice that God gave to Adam and consequently to us as well. The Bible is the only divine book which doesn’t candy coat who God is and our sinfulness for fear of political correctness. The Bible shows all the foibles and warts of the saints of old in their struggle of faith and disbelief giving the Bible a good dose of reality and familiarity. The Bible is the only book which shows us that this same loving creating God didn’t want to leave us in this predicament and who chose himself to remedy our problem and change our fate by dying on a Roman cross. Yet he does so without affecting our free choice.
      There are some good books which I have read that show the historic and archeological accuracy of the Hebrew/Christian Bible by which many sciences have come to realize through their fields have proven to be true. There are many witnesses to attest to the fact of the death burial and resurrection of the Christ (one of the strongest forms of empirical evidence in a court of law).
      On the other hand there are many books trying to dissuade us from believing the Bible. Why would there not be? If the Bible is true, then it stands to reason that the stated enemy of God would do all in his power to prevent God’s special creation – Man – you and me from reading, and trusting the message therein. Thus I am not amazed at all by the amount of persecution that true believers suffered both in the early church as well as many more who are being put to death today for the testimony that they cling to and the promise which is held out in the Bible for them. This is why I am just as upset with the established “religions” of the “Christian world” as with all the others. In my work in P.N.G. most persecution of true believers comes from the established “western Religious churches”.
      The Bible rings true. But as I have said in other posts, all other religions, both cultural and scientific must be allowed to exist to give you the opportunity to choose God with your free will and understanding. Without such alternatives, we are robots.
      Should we just all Co-exist as the bumper sticker says? In one way yes, when it comes to living and loving each other. But what kind of love do I have for someone whom the Bible says is going to hell and I just smile and wave as the plummet off the cliff to hell? That kind of co-exist is wrong – Just the way the Devil wants it. Only the Bible cares enough to tell you the hard truth. This is why I chose this one.

      • chicagoja says:

        Thank you for your comments. I appreciate the insight. One issue that I have always had is with the concept of sin and good vs. evil. For example, you made the comment that we are basically bad (because of the Fall). I say, rather, that evil is the absence of God and therefore it is through our God-less actions that evil exists in the world. Nevertheless, our essence is goodness. What of sin then you might ask. Well, God created Adam and Eve without knowing good or evil. One could hardly expect then that Adam and Eve would understand that disobedience was bad. Besides, God is omnipotent so he already knew how Adam and Eve would respond. I would appreciate your thoughts.

      • strostrud says:

        If you leave truth for everyone to interpret for themselves, then I have no answers which mean anything to anyone other than myself. For the last 35 years I have been studying what the Bible says about sin and through my experience, I see sin both objectively as well from personal experience. I like to say that “the only thing that I can do really well, is sin.” In answer to your thought “God created Adam and Eve without knowing good or evil. One could hardly expect then that Adam and Eve would understand that disobedience was bad” i have the following to interject.
        Chronologically speaking, the original sin was simply Adam disobeying God. He willingly chose to disregard God’s word on the subject of the fruit to see for himself what would happen. Eve was deceived because she used her feelings to determine how to proceed regarding Satan’s temptation. Adam was not deceived, he KNEW WHAT GOD TOLD HIM and chose to do his own thing becoming the first sinner. (The second Adam – Jesus Christ when tempted by Satan did not use his own thinking but trusted God’s Word to defeat Satan and was successful.) We are all descendants of Adam. And just as God did in creation that “like begets like” so too, we became sinners because of our forefather Adam (Read Rom 5:12-21, 1 Cor 15:20). Thus we sin because we are sinners, unlike Adam who sinned to become a sinner.
        Then later, in Moses’ day, God made it personal by adding the commandments to reveal his holy standard and show man his PERSONAL failings at being holy like God. Having done so, God in his mercy, provided the entire sacrificial system to provide forgiveness and mercy to us.
        I like your thought that God is omnipotent so he already knew how Adam and Eve would respond. As in all of my posts, you will see how I try to bring in the sovereignty of God in saving man from destruction by having paid for his sin debt himself in the person of Jesus. He gave Adam a choice. Adam chose himself. He gave us the cure. We still chooses self. One day man will stand before his throne to answer for his choice. Man will recognize God’s authority and be sent to hell.

  2. strostrud says:

    As an important follow up note. One important difference between being a “true believer in Christ” and “Christianity in general” or any other religion in the world is that religion tries to earn favor or merit with God by their good works. Believers on the other hand are made favorable by Christ, and then reflect that favor as a result to their fellow man by good works. Or at least that is the ideal as God indwells believers but does not the religious. So true Christian service is God’s out working through his believers. The Bible is full of examples of the impossibility of True Christianity for humans to produce on their own behalf. Only God can make a man Christ like. Thus the Christian Bible is the only book which says that it is impossible by your own efforts to please God.

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