I AM the God who created Authority. 1 Tim 6:1,2

In following the theme of respecting our elderly, we can continue respecting those

It’s all in the attitude

who have positions of authority over us such as employers.  You can deduce from this passage that your employer, whether you feel like a slave or not, is over you positionally and worthy of respect; not for his sake or yours, but for Christ’s in vs1.  When you show respect by obedience – actions you show your respectful heart – attitude and by doing so you truly demonstrate Christ’s attitudes.  You have the choice; you can either empower your authority, or be a drain on him.  Which do you think will win him over to the lord someday?

1 Tim 6:1, 2      1All who are under the yoke of slavery should consider their masters worthy of full respect, so that God’s name and our teaching may not be slandered. 2 Those who have believing masters are not to show less respect for them because they are brothers. Instead, they are to serve them even better, because those who benefit from their service are believers, and dear to them. These are the things you are to teach and urge on them.

You can’t be this until you know how to serve well.

Who are you Lord?

I AM the God created the concept of authority.  I AM also the one who submitted myself to the Authority of my Father and was obedient unto death.  I earned the right to be elevated to the place above every name.  Only in the place of submission can I see by your attitude that you would be worthy to be raised to an elevated position.  You cannot be in control of who is over you in authority but you can control how you work or serve under them to please them and make their work successful and joyful.  Remember; if you want to be great, you’ve got to be a servant, and that if you humble yourself in my sight, I will lift you up at the proper time like I did Joseph before the Pharaoh in Egypt (my timing, not yours).

The key word here is to “consider” them, treat them as if they are worthy regardless of any fact to the contrary.  To consider them worthy, takes a position of humbling yourself beneath them.  It is the principle of unconditional respect and deference for the position.  By choosing to do so, that undeserved respect from you will show them your love of God and thus glorify God’s name.  Once they know that you are genuine, then you will have the opportunity to share Christ with them (or even just your ideas for the betterment of the company you work for).  There is nothing more beautiful to leaders than the genuine, proper respect and submission shown.  It reflects the follower’s character, that you are not a threat, but a team player.  These character traits make for a good leader as well; whether employee/employer, teacher / student, government, military or even in the church.  This is also why Paul tells women to have the beauty of a submissive spirit which can win the heart of the unbelieving husband to the Lord.

Remember that you are yielding to the position of authority which God instituted, regardless of how you feel toward the individual.  As mentioned in my previous post, men respond best to respect.  When men feel that they are heard with proper respect, they can be very accommodating in their approval and granting of requests.  I have found this to be particularly true in dealing with foreign government offices where each individual’s interpretation of the law is law for you.  They want to know that YOU know who is boss, and then everything works smoothly.

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One Response to I AM the God who created Authority. 1 Tim 6:1,2

  1. savedbygrace says:

    reminds me of the woman caught in adultery

    Jesus wrote on the ground. I discovered the ground was stony ground.

    in essence Jesus was saying to the pharisees “are you teaching me the Law” ?

    – grace and peace

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