I AM your Father, Savior, Lord and hope. 1 Tim 1:1-3

Why is it that when we walk down the street we try to avoid eye contact with others?


can lift our spirits to know that others see us, acknowledge our being –that we are not invisible.  Greetings can turn a day around in someone’s life.  They can infuse love for others by our really caring how people are doing.  If we care about you enough to stop and see if you are doing well, then we show others that God does too. 

Doctrine is about knowing God,

One commentary called this section as a “ritualized or standardized greeting”.  When breaking down this passage for doctrine, I guess that is about all you can say about it.  However… Doctrine is about knowing God, not just knowing about God as to take a test.   Like Paul asked Jesus, “who are you Lord”- I want to know you.  What can we gain from this passage to know God deeper?  Doctrine shows us his character, his ability, and his plan for our future.  But deeper still, doctrine shows us his heart for us.  Paul might be giving his greeting to Timothy here, but God is greeting us personally in this passage today.

1 Timothy 1:1

Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the command of God our Savior and of Christ Jesus our hope, 2 To Timothy my true son in the faith:  Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

Who are you Lord? I AM your Father, Savior, Hope and Lord. 

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our trademark question above in the following way…

These are my titles.  These descriptions have tremendous meaning and power.  Each of them shows an aspect of me in a different light and through each of them, and many others, I will take care of your every need. 

I AM your Father.  I planned you.  I created you. I love you.  I adopted you.  I own you.  I care for you and will meet your every need.  I have given you everything you need for life and godliness.  I have blessed you with every blessing in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

I AM your Savior.  I died for you.  I forgive you.  I have bought you with my blood.  I have removed your sin and gave you my righteousness.  Without me you are lost but now you are found accepted in me.  I give you mercy, grace and peace for without me you are condemned, lost and in despair.

I AM your hope.  I have given you an eternity that is certain. I give you a hope of perfection, and the hope of victory.  I want to inspire you with the guarantee of perfect salvation so don’t fear what today has for you.

I AM your Lord.  I am in charge, I am sovereign.  Your life is in my hands.  Don’t worry, everything is under my control.  I want you to live for me now.  I purchased you, so one day you will give an account for how you lived. 

You can know that he has a purpose for you.

He created us, saved us, secures us and will redeem us.  In our analytical minds, this is obvious from these titles but what does it mean to us today?  He wanted to make you and had you in his mind at your creation so you can live with no questions about your past as to why you are here.  You can know that you are not an accident.  He saw you floundering in sin and chose you and saved you to be his child.  He wanted you enough to pick you out of the entire world so you can live with victory each day in the present. You can know that he has a purpose for you.  He is waiting for you to be with him forever, so you can have confidence about the guarantee of the future.  You can know that he wants you to be where he is.  In the mean time, he has chosen you to join him in his work here and now.  He communes with you in this difficult work.  So no matter what comes our way today, know that you can live with the confidence and joy of God in your life.

How is that for a greeting?

Am I reading into the text?  Yes.  But nothing that these titles God chose for Paul to write about do not portray.  How is that for a greeting?  It puts into perspective who is writing this letter in reality – God.  Thus, what he says to us in this letter to Timothy, we need to pay attention to as it is also written for us.

More to come,



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