I AM the God who makes you new. Gal 6:11-18

Christianity = Transformation; Religion = Conformity

This last section of Galatians sums up the entire

Butterfly Emerging From Cocoon

New life from old

book in verse 15.  A new Creation.  God never intended his church to be run by Old Testament rules and regulations.  Everything about the Christian life is to be new, spiritual, powerful and righteous; generated internally not imposed upon us externally.  Only God can see the motives of our hearts.  Man can look on the outside, but only God can see the spirit.  This is where true righteousness counts. Outward conformance is no replacement for internal transformation. 

I wanted a picture of a wine skin to illustrate that the new covenant of Christ living in us and the old covenant of law not being able to mix.  But could not find one.  so I am using this incomplete picture of a butterfly out of a cocoon.  Life in the Spirit coming out of the picture of death from the Old Testament Law (circumcision old covenant).

Use this link for the NIV Gal 6:11-18 highlight the following verses 1, 13, 15 -17

Who are you Lord?

I AM the God who demands perfection! The only way you can be perfect is if I make you new.  I make men new, holy, spiritual beings.  I am the one who instituted circumcision in the first place as a sign of inward faith as shown by its outward obedience.  However, it is not simply the working of hands that makes you clean, it is the attitude of your heart.  Your physical efforts to obey my commands are not enough.  Even your priests cannot obey me.  Now that I have fulfilled the requirements of the Law for you, through my Son’s death on the cross, and have provided salvation, I am offering you this promise. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new.”  Now your old life is dead to you.  Live by faith that I will reveal my righteousness through you from now on.  I will give you the source of life within you.

Integrity is our internal motives on display

Integrity is defined as doing in private, where nobody can see, what you do in the public’s eye.  Jesus brought this out wonderfully in the Gospels when he said pray, fast and give in private where God sees in private but rewards in public.  And don’t do those things in public just for people to see.  He also teaches in the Gospels that there is no difference in his view for sin committed in the mind as committed in body.  Only when we are made new, born again, given hearts of flesh rather than stone can we experience righteousness in truth, spirit and heart and “In front of God and everybody”.

Even though I have finished this book, I know that there is much more about God that I will learn the next I read it with an open, listening spirit.  After all, God is not limited.  He reveals himself through his word to any who would diligently listen.

This is all for Galatians,



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