Who Are You Lord? I desire to glorify myself through you. Gal 6:1-10

Miracle – Selfish man putting others first

This is one of the great passages that

A boy and a girl sharing a drink, each with th...

Sharing is Grace in action

reveals how God’s glory is revealed through his church these days.  Not in a bunch of inanimate objects of nature, but through agents of free will exercising the desire to submit to the will of the Holy Spirit and to serve others for their benefit, which is contrary to the selfish nature of man.  There you will find the true miracle of God’s encompassing grace around the globe namely when sinful, selfish man places others before his own interests contrary to the “law of the jungle” as many insist to live by.

This passage shares the attitudes, and the fortitude we need to have for this to take place.

Use this link for the NIV Gal 6:1-10 Highlight verses 1, 4, 8- 10

Who are you Lord?

I AM the head of my Church my body.  I desire that each member looks after each other.  Remember, you are your brother’s keeper.  Each member is to help the other grow in grace.  But watch out for your own walk in the Spirit, because the devil wants to destroy you.  You are sinful just like the next guy and are just as capable of falling into the same sins.  Remember pride goes before the fall.  So, in humility and gentleness carry your brother’s burdens without forgetting your own.  Other people will see me living through you when you love each other in this way.  Also remember that you have not arrived yet either, so some brother may have to restore you to my grace someday in like manner.

As you desire for my Spirit to use you, He will give you opportunities to help others if you are looking and aware of the needs around you.  Go with my Spirit’s leading, keep your eyes open and don’t give up.  Continue to do good to others and you will have a great harvest.  But if you choose to follow your own desires for gratification, beware, because no good can come of it, I promise you that.

God will be praised by others because of you.

Note: this is what God is telling me about my own heart condition.  I am just letting you in on the conversation.

In this age of relative ease in the USA we must be diligent to look for opportunities to help others- and this costs us time, energy and money (otherwise “your faith is not evident to others without these costs”…James).  Because those who need help are right there under the bridges and highways, in the hospitals and jails, they do not affect our day to day lives.  Jesus said “The poor you will have with you always.”  The Father said “He that gives to the poor, lends to me; and I will repay”.  In essence Jesus is saying that the poor are your opportunity to live for God in this world – to be his loving hands to the needy. So do not live for money, but to use money to live for God’s interests in meeting the needs of those where he directs you. Shouldn’t our surplus go to help meet the needs of our Christian neighbors? Hopefully in turn, their surplus might meet our needs someday.  This was how it was in the early church days, which had tremendous impact on the community. We are not talking about communism, but community.  This is still the case in the persecuted church around the globe today, and I would imagine, someday could be in our own country.   However, Christianity is best demonstrated when His people are living to meet the needs of fellow believers who are suffering.  We need to find those in need, and open our hearts spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.  Then 2 Cor 9:12, 13 will happen – “God will be praised by them because of you”.

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