I AM the God who rescues. Gal 4:21-31

If God is the God of love, why is there so much killing in his name?

I asked the question in my last post as to

Gravure médiévale

Persecution has been around as long as the church

why religious people would persecute the righteous, and as we see in verse 29 that this has always been the case.  Cain killed Able for it, Ishmael persecuted Isaac and the Jews killed the prophets and Christ, The Romans killed some of the apostles and the Catholic church killed the protestants. Our tribal believers are in good company. One thought would be: How many fights have been caused by jealousy for the affection of a parent? God is our parent ultimately and why would there not be covetousness and jealousy of our rights for his acceptance?

Use this link for the NIV Gal 4:21-31 Highlight verses 29-31

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our signature question below in the following way…

Who are you Lord? 

I AM the God who rescues those who know that they need me.  My promise verses your good works, my grace verses your earning merit, heart verses head, Spirit verses human effort.  Righteousness cannot come by obeying laws, even though I gave those laws.  Only the individual who has come to recognize his need has the opportunity for me to rescue him.  The beauty of this picture is that the barren woman has no hope to help herself, but must rely on me to help her.  I take great joy in coming to the rescue of those who truly depend and trust me.  When you have natural resources, I will wait as long as necessary until they are depleted.  Have you ever wondered why Abraham had to be so old, it was so that he would be too old to depend upon his own power to produce Isaac like he did Ishmael.  Those who have power to save themselves look down on and persecute anyone else who can’t.  They are jealous because God doesn’t want their proud ability to help themselves like in Cain’s proud case.  So they persecute the humble and my chosen ones.  I wants you to come to me by simple faith and obedience instead of in your deluded human ability. 

Saul thought he was doing God’s work by persecuting the Christians

You wouldn’t think that anyone would become a slave by striving to obey God’s laws but this is what it is saying.  When you depend upon your own ability regardless of whose laws or principles they are for salvation or sanctification, you are a slave. God says in verse 30 get rid of the slave woman’s son.  So many in churches today strive to be “good Christians” by their obedience to the golden rule, or many other such rules apart from letting God be their righteousness.  This is how good church people can be villains in church situations like in the tribe I wrote about last week.  Their eyes are blind to their own slavery.  After all, Saul of Tarsus thought he was doing God a favor.

Why are there wars?

One last thought.  To answer the question in the first subheading, you cannot use wars between different religions as your excuse against Christianity as firstly; most religions fight with each other, and secondly secular countries and ideologies go to war with each other as well. So to follow through with your objection, you disqualify yourself from being a secularist as well as a member of any other religion by that argument.  People fight and sin which is against God, because of our sin natures.  This is why Christ came and was put to death by the demand of the Jew (religion) and the hand of the Roman (secular).  Satan started the first war against God and got mankind to be on his side against God as well.  We all want to be accepted the way we are, but make conditions by our own estimation as to what the standard will be.  Anyone who doesn’t measure up is ostracized.  He who has the biggest following wins.  FAIL.  This is why Jesus said narrow is the road that leads to heaven and few thereof find it.  Broad is the road that leads to destruction.  Don’t you just want to punch my lights out?  HMMM.  Jesus also said that they first hated him, so don’t be surprised when they hate you too.

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