God’s law doable or not? Gal 3:15-25

What was the purpose of the Law?

I love the book of Galatians because it rebukes the human tendency to establish our own

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...

The Law is not a 10 step self help program (Image via Wikipedia)

righteousness in spite of what Christ did on the cross.  We humans think way too highly of ourselves; and if God doesn’t show us internally that we are retched and deserving of hell, we will go on our merry way thinking we are O.K and never reach out to God for help.  God has to make us realize we are lost before we can get found.  We tend to think of God’s laws as a “doable” list of things required for God’s blessings in this life.  Maybe in the Old Testament that was the case for Israel, but now in the New Testament, if we continue with this thinking, we deny Christ’s work on our behalf and establish our own.  We need to re-evaluate who’s righteousness we are relying on and to what standard that needs to be. Galatians chapter 3 shows this.

Use this link for the NIV Gal 3:15-25 Highlight verses 22-25

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our signature question below in the following way…

Who are you Lord?

 I  AM the God who gave the law but I transcend the Law and give my promise to all who have faith.  I created the Law to reflect who I am and what I AM like intrinsically.  It is the only image of me that is acceptable, and as you read them, you see me for who I AM.  Only I can make you holy like me.  No amount of Law keeping attempts will give you the ability to be like me.  The Law only points out where you fail in your attempts to obey or be like me.  I did not endow the Law with the power to help you do right.  I made it to be like a mirror, and mirrors cannot clean you, they can only show you how dirty you are as compared to me.  This is why my laws are all encompassing into every area of life.  In every aspect of your life you must choose to either obey in complete righteousness, or to do your own thing.  Many people reject me because of my strict punishments to those who disobey, but you need to understand my holy standard so that you might see how short you measure up to it.  I know that you are sinners, even though you don’t like to admit it.  You must be made aware that you are personally guilty of breaking the Law so that you can call out for me to rescue you like Paul does in Romans 7 “who shall rescue me from this body of death”. This is why i provided the sacrificial system in the Temple, to atone for your sins and provide a way of forgiveness, redemption and justification.

Every year the Jews had to sacrifice because they always broke my laws.  In faith they had to believe that I covered over their sins by the blood of animals.  In faith they looked forward until I would come and rescue them. They were “locked up until faith should be revealed.”  Only Jesus obeyed the entire law at every point, which made him able to take your sin upon himself as the innocent lamb of God.  This is not something that you sinful men can do.  This is why I gave the promises of faith to Abraham, that if you trust me, I will save you too.  Only when you believe my promise, will I save you like I did Abraham.  When you came to Christ for salvation by faith, I put my law in your heart, gave you the power to embody it, and blessed you with eternal life as a result.    Now you have the power to live beyond the mere requirements of the Law.  Now you have the whereabouts to live in true righteousness in thought and deed.  Now you can live like Jesus in this world.  Now you have the divine nature in you so that you no longer need the “supervision of the law.” To stoop to obeying the law is to deny my righteousness in you only to continue trying to establish your own.  And I won’t have it.  Rest in faith that Christ’s work is enough for you, because it is only in Christ’s righteousness that you are accepted.

Thank you Jesus. 



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