I AM perfect, you are not – Gal 2:11-21

God removed the veil separating man from God

There are few things more discouraging than to be shunned by another person who thinks

Religious rites of themselves can kill your soul

he or she is better than you.  Fortunately God settled this problem for us in Christ.  No longer is there any difference in God’s eyes between Jew and Gentile, rich or poor, men or women, we are all in need of Christ.  But try to tell some people that this is the case…Use this link for the NIV Gal 2:11-21

Who are you Lord?

I AM perfect.  My law reflects my perfection.  I require nothing less than perfection in my presence.  My Law is not a standard by which you can make yourself perfect, but to show you that you are not.  There is no way you can be like me because you are fundamentally flawed at birth with sin.  Try as you will to obey my laws to make yourself righteous, you will only make yourself more proud in your sinfulness, and more deceived in thinking that you can actually do it.  Then in your pride you will hold your own version of obedience as the standard to compare and judge all other people with.

No one can obtain righteousness by trying to obey the Law.  The law judges you and proves to you in fact, that you cannot be like Me – only I can do it for you.  Only I can give you my righteousness.  Only when I live my life through you will your life become Holy, because I am holy.  Only when my life is in you will my Father call you righteous in his Sight.   By dying to the Law with me, can you live in my resurrection.  If it was the Law that gives life, then I died needlessly.  But because I know better, I designed Christianity not to be lived by rules and regulations but by me in you.  It is the great equalizer of men.  All men must come to me the same way – in faith.  Why should I make it hard for people to go to heaven.  Works won’t do it, but humility and faith in my death for you will. 

Jesus’ flesh being broken was like the veil being rent for us.

The Jews could never get their heads around this.  To them Christ was a “stumbling block” because they were so dependent upon their rules to tell them how to live.  When Christ came, he told them that eternal life was a relationship with him, and they could not accept it so they killed him.  Just like the Father knew all along would happen.  Because of Christ’s death for us, he took our sin, and gave us his righteous standing before the Father read 2 Cor 5:21.  This is why the veil was torn from top to bottom in the temple.  Now we have direct access to the Father without rules and regulations to make us acceptable.  We are totally and unequivocally accepted in the Son.  Now our Christian walk is not about keeping rules but letting the Christ live his life through us by faith.

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One Response to I AM perfect, you are not – Gal 2:11-21

  1. Margaret Fischer says:

    I just had this talk with my mom the other day. She can’t accept grace, her religion tells her she needs to do works to be accepted. It is so sad to see someone who thinks they need to work their way to God.

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