Who are you Lord? My Spirit will not contradict My Word. Gal 2:1-7

Today we have God’s completed revelation, which the

Balanza de la Justicia

God’s Word judges the thoughts and intents of our hearts. (Image via Wikipedia)


Holy Spirit uses in our lives as we know his Word intimately.  God speaks to our spirits via the Holy Spirit and his Word to guide us, convict us, and speak through us to others.  I would like to address with this post, the topic of safeguarding our souls by always comparing what we believe the Holy Spirit says to us with the Word of God and the council of our spiritual leaders. Many feel that they don’t need the established church as an authority over them because their “inner truth” is enough for them.  This is exactly what the enemy of our souls, Satan, wants.  He is out there tricking and tickling people’s minds so that they never feel that they need God or his Word.  In Paul’s case here in Galatians the revelation he received actually went against the Jewish religion in many regards thus landing him in hot water.  It was constantly being challenged by the Jews.  But as we will see, what those important church leaders thought did not add one thing to his message.


Use this link for the NIV Gal 2:1-7

Who are you Lord?

Because I AM the God of revelation and of the Truth, my revelation to Paul will not contradict my revelation to the true Church leaders or to you.  Some may not hear well and need correction so this is why you need to share all things with your teachers.  Even though I illuminate your thoughts and spirit (as I did with Paul’s trip here on account of a revelation), you still need to be sure that you are in agreement with your leadership in your doctrine.  The message you receive must be established.  You should not be afraid of cross examination by the Word of God or by your leadership.  Only your opinion and attitude will be afraid, but if the message I give you is genuine, you will be able to bear their critique.  I created leadership to consult and protect the church so that they can approve the message I give to my people and to commission you in my work under its auspices. 

The Bible is God’s Truth

Too many people disregard God’s Word as ultimate, absolute truth for today.  It was not just written by men but by men who were “moved along by the Holy Spirit”.  Scripture is closed today.  There are many sources of proof that God’s word is true and is verified by many of the tests that various sciences have been put forth to destroy it.  Historical, archaeological, liturgical, medical and the physical sciences have all been verified by the facts of scripture. Jesus himself quoted and testified in the truth of God’s Word, so if you do not believe me, believe in what Jesus said.  His Word is truth, which means we will all be held accountable to it. It behooves us to know what it says, and anyone who perverts its meaning will be put to task.

Keep in his word,



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