Who are you Lord? I AM the God who reveals truth Gal 1:11-20

God’s Gospel revealed not thought up

Reflection of the mountains in the Dead Sea Israel.  For now we only see dimly as in a mirror.

Galatians 1:11- 24

As we ponder God’s character from the above passage, I wonder if God would answer our signature question below in the following way…

“Who are you Lord?”

I AM the God who authors truth and reveals it to humans.  My Truth is all that really matters for eternal life.  My Truth is that which sets you free.  I set Paul apart to be my mouth piece.  Paul was just like any other Jew but more steeped in the zeal of the traditions and law to the point of persecuting anyone who did not fall in line with the religious hierarchy.  But I got a hold of his heart, not by his arguing with believers, but by My Spirit.  Then I took him to a lonely place, not some institute of higher learning (which is not a bad thing), to teach him the Gospel of grace by My Spirit.  I can teach you by my Spirit as well to know the truth of the completed Word.  Paul received it by revelation from me and not from men.  You however, already have the complete council of God in the Bible, but I can still teach it to you if you would spend the time to listen and learn.  Jesus taught the people of his day, not like the scribes who quoted dead teachers of old, but “as one having authority” from listening to my Spirit.  The world cannot teach you like this, in the world you have to tote the party line.  My illuminating your mind with my Word is true application that will convict, encourage and challenge you to change your life.

Listen to God’s voice

What kind of priority do you place on listening to God’s voice through his word?  I find it amazing that Jesus spent time alone, a lot of time alone to hear his father’s voice directing him in what to say and do.  As completely human, Jesus did not just pull out his “God Card” but needed this time listening to the Father to do what he did on earth.  Why do we humans feel that we can “do the Christian life” without it, (we don’t even have a “God card”)? But we do own the completed Word of God.

Illumination is not the same thing as revelation that the Apostles received in writing the Bible.  It is more like the Holy Spirit using God’s written Word to convict us, draw us, lead us, and mold us into Christ’s image who is the living Word.  Illumination is God pointing things out to us to take note of and change in our lives.  It is about his speaking to our spirits about who he is and opening our eyes to his glory.  It is his initiating a personal relationship where by we can know him intimately.  It is his invitation to us to sit at his feet in worship and communion at what he teaches our hearts.

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