Who are you Lord? I AM the author of salvation Galatians 1:1-10

Salvation is a personal relationship not religious rite.

As the name of this blog implies, and my

Wailing Wall

first post explains, God is interested in revealing his person and character to us throughout the Word of God.  Even the 10 Commandments are a “Snapshot” of who God is and what he is like and why he says not to make graven images of him.  This is the first step to understanding the supernatural nature of Christianity – God reveals his thoughts to man through His Word the Bible by his Spirit.  I would like to share what God is showing me about himself as I read through the doctrines, history, and stories that ARE His Word.  You could classify these posts as commentary “of sorts”, but with regard to our relationship to him, not necessarily expository in nature.  I hope you come to know God a bit more personally as a result of these entries and then continue this process on your own journey of faith with the supernatural God who created you for this reason.

Perverting the Gospel of Christ

Use this link for the NIV Gal 1:1-10

Who Are you Lord?

I AM the author and finisher of the salvation of the human race – which is by my grace alone.  I made the theme of the gospel to be by what Jesus did on the cross and your believing it.  Why would I make it full of cumbersome tasks so that few would be able to accomplish them?  This message and method should be so easy that a child can understand and believe, but at the same time cannot originate with you by your imaginations.  You must also know that you you cannot even approach me without my first initiating the relationship with you.  To try anything different is to circumvent my rights as Lord, fail and thus be condemned – do not be confused about this.  My message of salvation is not something that anyone can invent because it goes against the very nature of everything that humanism stands for.  Every other religion in the world is made up by man’s attempts to reach out to please some version of god for salvation.  My message depends on my grace and mercy on you only – no works, as you are not “basically good” like the gods of this age would have you think, you are sinful and cannot appease me- you need me to save you.  If you do not ask for it, there are eternal consequences where you will face my anger.  Only by Christ’s blood sacrifice can your enmity with me be removed, it is not something that we can reason through with philosophy, rather must only be understood from Me through My inspired word.  My message may sound very narrow minded and intolerant by rejecting the world’s opinions but I am more concerned with reaching those who want me and know they need me than people feeling good about themselves and being popular with the masses.  This is why I came to the poor and humble of this world and not to the rich.  This is why I was born in a stable and not a palace.

More to come later.



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