Who are you Lord?

"Suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him..."

Act 9:3-7  Road to Damascus

Who are you Lord

Paul was traveling on the road to Damascus (pictured right in 2010) in order to persecute believers, when all of a sudden the Lord met him with a blinding light.  As he was lying there in the dirt, Paul asked, “Who are you Lord?”  (It seems funny that we seem to hear God best when we are flat on our face in the proverbial dirt or when we are on our back because of some sort of immense need in our lives).  However, this is the most appropriate question to contemplate in times like that or for that matter, any time when we come before the Lord with an open Bible.

God’s Love Letter

You have probably heard somewhere that the Bible is God’s “love letter to you”.  If this is the case, then it stands to reason that God wants to tell you about himself in the passages you are reading.  Since God is all knowing and is truth (I am the way THE TRUTH and the life), it stands to reason that it will take eternity to know him fully.  Eternal life then is knowing God as said in Jn 17:3.  He can speak to you and me through any passage in the Bible.  He can reveal his character, his attributes both transferable and immutable, as well as his heartbeat on issues that you are facing.  We can know much about what God desires if we would allow him to reveal himself to us through the text.  Therefore the question I put before you in this and future blogs is; what is God telling you about himself as you read His word today?  As you read, ask Him – “Who are you Lord?” then choose to clear your mind and spend the time necessary to let him give his heart to you.  My desire is for you to see Jesus Christ high and lifted up so that you can worship him in the beauty of his splendor as revealed in the words of each text.

Your relationship with God is not static, it grows as you mature.  God’s Word is a living book Heb 4:12, and His Spirit is able to teach you new depth of meaning each time you read a passage as you mature in the Lord.  These posts are not the last word in the meaning of God’s Word, but what He wanted to show me on that particular week.  He will probably have something specific for your needs as well.  That is the beautiful thing about God.  Christianity is about your relationship with Him based on His Word.  Enjoy him, enjoy his word let him change you into his likeness as you learn more about what he is like.

Quiet time Journal

When we come to God we must not presume upon him or demand of him, rather wait upon him and respond to his drawing upon our hearts so we can hear him.  Have paper and pen ready to write down what the Spirit tells you in order to remember better – a quiet time journal, and to be able to meditate through the day on those thoughts.  Beware that as you wait patiently for his voice to be heard, your enemy will try to fill your head with things that you have to do which will crowd out that which is most important.  Write these distractions down and push them aside for now.  This is your time with the Almighty. To clarify, Disclaimer: (I am not promoting “automatic writing”, nor does what I promote in this blog tie into occultist practices.)  Also I am not saying that what I hear from God equates with Divine revelation on par with the Holy Script for me or anyone else.  I am saying that all would agree that it is the job of God’s Spirit to illuminate our minds to his truth as we read passages from the Word of God. Even Creation itself is designed to do this for us (Rom 1:20). God uses his word to apply things to each of us as we have need and we can share those truths with others without concern of condemnation that we are “Speaking for God” in some latter day prophetic sense. This blog “Who are you Lord” is derived from my quiet meditation on His Written Word as applied by the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s character through each contextual passage as given by the inspired authors to us.

Conversation is two way.

In this blog I would like to share with you what God has been teaching me in the hope that we will see God afresh together preventing God’s Word from becoming just an archaic dead religious text and its reading from becoming a dry exercise of mind and will to complete before you go about your busy day or to help you fall asleep.  The goal of fellowship with God is for two way conversation.  Give God a chance to speak back to you through his Spirit and Word rather than bombard him with our lists of wants and needs of which He already is fully aware. You could call it an interactive reading.  You read, He reveals himself and then you respond to his character and person in prayer over what you read.  Then application as the spirit leads to change your life to be more like you just read.  Not walking away from the perfect mirror without affecting your life.

I have read somewhere that “the goal of Christianity is for two hearts to become one- God’s and ours”.  Please share with me your experiences from the Word what God has shown you.

I choose to read and quote in all of my posts from the NIV bible ( see note 1 below) because like the King James in its day, the NIV is translated into the vernacular (how people speak in the day) rather than in an archaic language that needs to be interpreted for you into today’s speech. In each revised post I will include a link to the passage from Bible Gateway. com.

NOTE 1. The Holy Bible: New International Version

God bless you as you discover His thoughts for you through your study of His Word.


Rom 1:11


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Missionary with New Tribes Mission since 1989
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2 Responses to Who are you Lord?

  1. savedbygrace says:

    I always love to hear about God, Jesus, the bible and Life from a missionary’s perspective.
    everything is so clear and simple.

    what a breadth of fresh air.

    – grace and peace to you Steve

  2. strostrud says:

    I remember the first time I traveled to Mexico, Tijuana to be exact. I have never looked at my life in the States the same since. You have to get out of your comfort zone to be able to look at it with fresh eyes. See the poem my wife wrote at the end of my post titled “Who are you Lord? I AM the Lord of the harvest.”
    Grace and Peace to you as we rely on the mercy of God for our lives and salvation.


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